Saturday, 11 December 2010

Double Dream Hands and Career Change

A friend sent me this video and I was so impressed I knew I had to put it on my blog.  But how to link it to career change or psychology?  Difficult, but I've managed it below.  But for now, let me take you to Planet Rock:

The thing about working with people changing career is that I often have my own thoughts of what would be best for clients.  I sit there and think 'no!  don't do that, it will kill you!' or 'yes, do that, you are so suited for it!'.  But very often, those thoughts are more to do with my own value system than my clients'.

Mr Double Dream Hands offers me a salutary reminder that there are people out there who are so spectacularly different to me that it almost defies belief.  He doesn't look so different to me, but he has reached where he is today with a value system that says 'yes, this video is a very good idea, I must teach the world how to do the double dream hands'.  And he's enjoying it.  Other people may enjoy it.  He looks happy doing it. And who am I to argue?

Being aware of my own thoughts and emotions in relation to my clients' careers is an excellent way of remaining objective.  The alternative is to try to suppress those thoughts, but suppression doesn't work.  So I say to myself 'I'm having the thought you shouldn't be a lawyer' and instead of diving in I look back at our work together, and gently probe the workability of being a lawyer.

Far more constructive.  And much closer to who I want to be as a career psychologist.


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