Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Do What You Love. Really?

It is so easy to say 'do what you love' when it comes to careers.  Indeed, lots of career advisers do say this, but I have to say I'm wary of such easy statements.

I think 'do what you love' is the sort of thing which is said  by people who've either a) already been successful doing what they love or b) got an incentive in selling their services to help other people do the same.

No one is interested in speaking to the people who did what they loved and failed.  No one sells career books by saying 'it depends'.  But the truth is, it does depend.

A job represents one of the interfaces between ourselves and the world.  Negotiating that interface is a continuous process, full of ambiguity.  We need to be objective about what we really need and what we can compromise on, if we're to negotiate with any coherence.

So I think a far better test is whether your job has meaning for you.  That is, does it make sense to you in terms of the life you want to lead?

If it were a free choice, would you continue on this path or change?


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