Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Best Books on Clarence the Cat

As you may know, I use mindfulness in my work with career stress and anxiety.  Mindfulness also helps people contact what they really value in life - the ability to be present is a foundation of self understanding.

I've been working with Clarence the cat for some time on his work stress and anxiety, and so I thought I'd show you the ones that he's been enjoying in our sessions this year.

'Mindfulness' by Elen Langer

'Life with Full Attention' by Maitreyabandhu

'Mindsight' by Dan Siegel

'Acceptance and Commitment Therapy' by Hayes, Wilson and Strohsahl

'Acceptance and Mindfulness at Work' by Hayes, Bond et al

Clarence is now totally accepting of his thoughts and feelings and moving in a valued direction

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Amanda Hone said...

Appropriately of course he likes "Life with full attention" the best