Thursday, 4 November 2010

Danny Baker

Danny Baker has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Danny Baker is a radio broadcaster who I used to find quite annoying.  Astonishingly bright, quick witted and knowledgable, he sometimes came across as a know it all.

He isn't.  He just knows a lot more than me.  About everything.

If you ever listen to Danny Baker properly, you'll notice two things: his warmth and love of the absurd.  He is constantly riffing from his callers, seamlessley weaving their anecdotes into those of his own.  Driving his listerners foward with the strange and relentless energy of a terrier on red bull.

I once met Danny Baker on Breakfast TV.  It was a strange affair, in which I was reunited with The Bobster - a dog I had taught to dance to the Match of the Day theme tune nearly 9 months previously.  The Bobster was lovely, but could no more remember the moves to the tune that I could.  Together, we had to perform this sorry half-routine for the nation on live TV.

It was a shameful and mortifying experience, made bearable only by the adorable Bobster who though totally unwilling to dance, never let her attention waver from me.   We basically just stood there and watched each other whilst listening to music.

And at the end of our humiliation as Danny Baker and Vernon Kay looked on in horror, I remember Danny's words:

'Who said live TV was dead?'

Danny Baker.  May you fight this battle and win.  Your people need all the warmth and absurdity we can get. 


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