Friday, 8 October 2010

Loneliness and the Career Changer

The brilliant coach Rachel Collis writes about loneliness and dating in her blog

I think loneliness can impact career changers too.  It's common for people to be fighting their feelings alone - they're under pressure to fulfil a certain role and have come to be defined and known through their work.  Other people can be as vested in that role as they are, so change can seem daunting and isolating.

Consciously meeting people who 'get' the need to change is essential, I think.  I certainly found that's something I needed to do.  The majority of my friends stuck through it with me, but I remember the silence of others and how bad that felt. 

Rachel's advice is to put effort into building and maintaining a supportive network of friends and family so that you aren't so vulnerable.  I think that's right, and the effort bit matters.   I'd add that practicing your story for why the change is needed is essential because it helps others to relate towhat you're doing.

This is important because at some level, your career change is likely to be something they admire and fear in equal measure.

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