Saturday, 30 October 2010

Career paralysis - five reasons why our brains get stuck making career decisions

I get some nice comments about my 'Career Paralysis' presentation which is very gratifying:

"I've since found the Career Paralysis slides show. This is incredibly valuable and relevant to me at this time". Grant.

"Very cool ... and a great reading list. Thanks for sharing it with me" Steve Hayes, author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life.

"How wonderful for you to have made this extraordinary presentation available on the net. its fantastic - its makes ACT enjoyable and practical - while there are fantastic PP on ACT web-site few have graphics especially engaging ones". Bernard.

"I have seen the presentation here on the website and can relate to just about all of it!" Richard.

"I just stumbled on your "5 reasons why our brains struggle..." and it's really hit the nail on the head for me. Feeling very paralyzed at trying to figure out a career path for myself!"    Michael.

"Good on you! This is great stuff. You just made my day. :) Russ Harris, Author of The Happiness Trap

ps.  you can download this by going here.
Best viewed in 'slide show' mode in Powerpoint - as it's animated.


GM said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks so much.

I found your career paralysis powerpoint on ACT for the Public ( I've since found the second Career Paralysis slide show. This is incredibly valuable and relevant to me at this time.

ACT has alowed me to get a grip on a life long streak of quitting, avoidance and muddleheadedness. And my wife is moveing for work and I'll be faced with a bufet of work choices in a capital city (compared to a small seaside town).

So I was sitting here with my two young girls climbing all over me while I was trying to follow the slides - I had a moment of connection with my values and I felt just how the two of them inspire and motivate me in a vital way. The three of us sat there and it was nice. Sorry for all the ACT-lingo.

Most of all thanks for sharing these slides and the related material. I'll have a good look around at your blog and bloomspsych' site.

One quick thing, I like the big 5 test verson that values "low conscientiousness" and doesn't paint it as a psycho(pathologic?)al deficite! Yeah, I like being laid back!! Also noted the move from neuroticism to resilience.


Grant M

Rob Archer said...

Grant - thank you for your feedback. Really appreciated.

And yes, the Big 5 traits should never be treated as weaknesses. There's no such thing as strengths or weaknesses out of context - only workability!

Good luck with your search. Keep following your values.

warm regards,