Thursday, 19 August 2010

The role of inspiration in career change

Sometimes after sessions, clients will tell me they feel inspired into action.  And this always makes me wary. 

It's nice and everything, but feeling inspired is like assuming you've reached your destination when you see it on the map.

Emotions convey information and using mindfulness in career decision making allows us to listen more clearly to that information.  But when it comes to moving into action emotions are unreliable.

What we most value in life and what we most fear are two sides of the same coin.  If you want meaning in your life, then there's a price to pay for that.  In my case, it's anxiety, self doubt, insecurity.   But whatever shows up first when you move towards your values will be negative emotions. 

So if you rely on the feeling of inspiration to act, you'll be at the mercy of these conflicting emotions.  It's far better to use inspiration to choose a course of action and then to be willing to experience whatever comes with that choice.

Ultimately, this is what will free you to move into a new career - not because you feel inspired, but because you chose it.


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