Saturday, 21 August 2010

Identifying a bold move

It's worth  asking once in a while whether the way you're living reflects the way you want to live.

If the answer is no, may I ask, gently and with due deference to your no-doubt logical decision making processes, when exactly you will start?

I often get my clients to identify a 'bold move' in the direction of their values, because they are often so stuck that making no decision is beginning to look suspiciously like a decision. 

Start by picking a  value that reflects what you really want from life and then think about how it could be expressed more fully.  What would it be like if you had a project which gave full expression to that value? The move can be anything at all, but it must be an action and not a thought.
For example, a common value amongst my clients is freedom.  This may not be surprising when we're routinley told to try and fit our identities into a job 'role' which goes on to define most of our waking hours.  So freedom is a value that often feels encroached.
How could you set up a project which lives the value of freedom more fully?  The project would define the next steps to make this possible and the order in which they’re taken.

Some examples:
  • You define freedom as 'creative freedom' and set aside every Saturday morning to work on a creative project.  With a deadline of 3 months you will deliver the result to someone, somewhere, without apology.
  • You define freedom as 'time freedom' and make a plan that will allow you to work 4 days a week, or 1 day from home.  Yes, I am serious.
  • You define freedom as 'physical freedom' and set yourself the challenge of walking the highest peaks in Britain* next year.
  • You define freedom as 'autonomy' and make a project to earn money from something that excites you.  This can start small - for example selling cards on e-bay or to friends.  But your plan could be scalable - for example making a website (very easy) or blog (even I can do that) to sell things from.
NOTE:  what your mind will immediately give you is reasons why you can't do this.  I encourage you to thank your mind - it's just trying to keep you safe bless it - and to carry on.  You're in control of your decisions, not your thoughts.

What's your bold move?
* Or Peru, for any Peruvian readers.

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Rob, another great post - thank you!