Monday, 2 August 2010

Great career sites

Tom - who does our Twitter and Facebook sites - reminded me to do more practical and useful posts, so here goes.

My list of practical and useful career sites:

The best career decision making software is without doubt our own CareerStorm Navigator. It costs £150, but it's worth it. If you want a little ranty aside here, if you really want to make a career decision you need help with a process of thinking, not something which shoves you in a box and tells you to become a librarian.

Best personality test
Talk of shoving people into boxes, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator does this all over the world to lucrative effect. But the MBTI is not even very good. It has limited validity and is rarely used in academic studies. A far more valid and reliable test of personality preferences is the NEO-PI which I use with nearly all my career clients. Whilst this costs, there is a similar free test which measures the big 5 personality domains.

Best for choosing values Barry Hopson talks about values sensibly in his excellent blog on portfolio careers. I talk about them even sensiblier here, and there is a free test here.

Best for general direction - I like windmills.

Erm, sorry, I mean I like windmills.

Here's a long list of other tests you can take. The sort of list I should have made in fact.

Finally, the best site for becoming happier in your life / career through being buried alive in a shamanic ritual is here.



tom_0716 said...

Great post, Rob. Really useful stuff!

David Smith said...

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