Saturday, 4 September 2010

Career Paralysis - 10 great free resources

 This is basically a list of brilliant articles, ideas, pamphlets and exercises about the process of career change.

As a regular reader of this blog, no doubt you will be shocked to learn that there are other, nearly as brilliant writers about career change out there.  Well, there are.  They are out there.  And they are nearly as brilliant.
  1. One such example is Roman KrZnaric.  Roman has the soul of a poet but the brain of a scientist.  Much of what he says has empirical evidence behind it, even if he doesn't reference it, and his brilliant pamphlet Work and the Art of Living can be downloaded here.
  2. Two of the best careers blog posts I've read are by Seth Godin here and by George Monbiot here oh and by Seth again here.  And the best careers speech ever is here and the best speech about using one's passion at work is here.
  3. In this article, Bill Taylor asks how much would it take for you to leave your job
  4. Next up is Barrie Hopson's excellent blog on portfolio careers.  This is an absolute treasure trove of information for those looking to diversify their income and Barrie's books are highly recommended.  (Though admittedly they aren't free).
  5. There are many different tests out there, but one of the best resources I've come across is this one - a kind of meaning or values generator.  Good fun!
  6. In terms of practicalities (i.e. getting a job as opposed to career direction), the Guardian's career website is as good as it gets.
  7. I think financial awareness is nearly as important as psychological awareness in career change.  This is a fun and creative response to the need to start saving, and this is the site to use if you'd prefer something a little more direct and to the point, and here is the FSA's site which is meant to be 'independent and jargon free'.  
  8. I think this is a great site for  tools, tests and resources to think creatively about your life, and by extension career.
  9. Dare I say it so is this...(shameless self promotion)
  10. I do like a good quote, so I recently blogged about the best inspirational career quotes.  Please do add your own and if you know of any great free resources, please do let me know!
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