Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Great Escape....NEW SERIES

The Great Escape is probably my favourite film of all time. It wasn't Steve McQueen leaping over bard wire, or even his cool leather jackets, or the unbelievable cast.

It was the idea of every person in the team using their strengths to contribute to an objective.

I'm not even kidding.

I loved The Commitments for the same thing. Flawed, yet using every ounce of brilliance they possessed.

Everyone in the Great Escape had a role based on the things they were brilliant at. We had Charles Bronson as the 'Tunnel King,' famed for his skill at digging tunnels, Donald Pleasence as 'The Forger,' and James Coburn as 'The Manufacturer'. We had James Garner as 'The Scrounger'(my favourite) and Dickie Attenborough's as the 'Big X'.

So why is this relevant to career change?

Because we're about to start a series featuring people who've changed career from something corporatey to something bolder and more meaningful.

Our aim is to show that The Great Escape can be done. And we want to show that it is made possible by focusing on the things you are great at.

We want to feature people who have carved out their own niche doing jobs that they really love. And we'll show that although these jobs aren't advertised in the Saturday Guardian, they are within the reach us all.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Free Career Exercises

Career decision making is our mission. It's what we chose to do because we think it's important and because we think it can make a genuine difference to peoples' lives.

So we're working hard on giving help to as many people as possible, whether they work with us or not.

You can find some of our career direction exercises here on Scribd and here on Slideshare.

We hope you find them useful and that they play a small role in helping you on the road to a more fulfilling career.