Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thanking The Beatles

A wonderful article today talks about writing thank you letters to the Beatles. This is a fantasy I have long since shared, without ever quite understanding why.

When I was growing up, I would listen to my Mum's Beatles records incessantly. I had With the Beatles first I think, and then the 'blue' album and then the 'red'. At some point came Please Please Me and Rubber Soul. I still remember the day The White Album came back from the library. I was stunned. I listened over and over and over again, up in my room, staring out over my neighbours' moonlit rooves and then beyond to Liverpool, where it all began.

Today, almost any Beatles song can make me cry. My love for them feels irrational; exponential to their actual musical value.

David Gray is quoted as saying that music fills a hole you never knew was there. In short, I guess the Beatles filled a hole I never knew was there. They are a sanctuary from arguments and anxiety. They are my unflinching allies when faced with rejection. With them, I can be lonely without being alone.

So for the hole they filled all those years ago, and still fill now; thank you.

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