Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Five Great Myths of Career Decision Making

In December we published our most successful newsletter yet, about the most common myths we hear about career decision making.

You can sign up for the next newsletter by dropping us a line here. We publish quarterly, and focus on career decision making; how to do it and how to cope with the problems it brings. Plus, as always we aim to include the very latest, most scientifically sound career related research.

Because we want to spread our ideas as far as possible, we're re-publishing last month's edition on this blog. We hope you enjoy the articles and find them useful.

Myth 1: "Staying in my crap job is the ‘real’ world"
Myth 2: "I should be happy"
Myth 3: "Following my values will make life easier"
Myth 4: "There is a perfect career for you"
Myth 5: "I need to feel more confident to do what’s important"

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