Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Favourite Music And Career Change

A tangent from the previous post on music for career change, but I've just written a new exercise for one of our career decision making handbooks.

The premise begins with identifying a client's favourite ever song. Then the exercise asks them to examine why this music is important to them - is it lyrics, the melody, the association with times past? Once this is established, we ask them to consider what this says about their life and career in particular.

It's going down well, but with sometimes surprising results. As an illustration, my own effort identified Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and (perhaps bizarrely), Anchorage by Michelle Shocked. Latterly it would be Hast thou considered the tetrapod by Mountain Goats.

I had never really considered why they resonated so much before, but thinking about it, it is to do with loss, combined with a certain defiance too. Even Wish you were here is not a desolate song.

I realised that I'd probably always feel a sense of loss, but that I would always prevail. Defiance is how I am built. I will wriggle up on dry land.

It's funny but this gave me a kind of cold but solid comfort, and from nowhere, energy and hope.

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