Friday, 31 July 2009

A Bloom Second Summer holiday

So there we were, 3 psychologists in a cafe, thinking about how we could help people who come home from holiday wanting to change their lives, but who didn’t really knowing how to do it.

Several cups of tea later, the outcome?

We’re organising a second summer holiday, held over a weekend, which helps people go from that general feeling that they really, definitely will make a change to a clear vision and direction for the future.

It will be relaxing and fun like a holiday, but the difference is we will ensure that everyone goes home with a clear plan for the future. That plan will be based on a clear and scientific understanding of what they are really like as a person. And we’ll follow up in a month to check that everyone is on course.

The weekend will be structured with a combination of our career psychology courses, psychometric testing, and personal development training. The course will involve:

• Creative techniques to get you in the mood for your holiday
• Psychometric testing and analysis on personality and strengths
• Identifying your values, strengths, skills and personality preferences
• An overnight exercise which will transform your relationship to your goals
• Visualisation techniques
• Tools and techniques to support the change
• A personality report
• Brainstorming techniques and creativity workshops
• A 1 to 1 session with Rob or Amelia after the course to check on progress.

We have 15 places and the cost for the whole weekend is £195. This would be great for anyone who wants to make a change but who needs an intelligent shove in the right direction.

We aren’t able to offer these sorts of courses very often, so do take advantage!

Contact Tom at if you’re interested.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The start of a beautiful new relationship...

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