Monday, 6 April 2009

Telling your story

Why are CVs so difficult?

Having written, screened, read and advised on countless CVs in my life, I think the main problem is that they are...boring.

The reason for this is that a)people don't really know their own story, because b) they don't really know what story to tell. So they end up telling a boring non-story.

By comparison, this CV, whether you like it or not, tells a compelling story.

Stories are critical. They are how we communicate best, and what we tend to remember. They help our brains make sense of information. But we don't tend to think in these terms. Which is strange because soon, your story will be all that's left.

So, can you tell your story? Can you tell it in your CV? And, as an added discipline, can you summarise it into 8 words?

Whoever has the best story, wins. So get writing!


Jon said...

How about:

"Left corporate finance, explored myself, world, now back."


Bloom Blog: said...

Welcome Jon! Hope you are well.