Friday, 20 March 2009

Post OneLife Live 2008

Friday 13th 2009, the Bloom team assemble at 8am outside a tense Kensington Olympia. Cardboard Signs and double sided tape under arm and with thousands of flyers, we marched into the OneLife space. To our surprise, we were tactically placed between the 'Jesus experience' and a dog pen which was to be used to show off the skills of guide dogs for the Blind. A great strategy for pulling dog lovers into the Bloom stand.

The whole weekend was a great success, for the Bloom team as an experience and also for OneLife in terms of the great variety of stands and presentations.

What set our stand apart?
Eventhough our space was a mere 1x2m wide, we packed it full of informative and interactive posters, Polaroid pictures of our visitors, and ofcourse the odd Malteaser to keep visitors fed. We really valued visitors having a chat about what they were doing, where they were going, or even about studying Psychology.

The highlight?
We all really enjoyed speaking in depth to visitors in depth about their sense of direction, or where they wanted to go next in terms of career or life choices. We found our interactive wall to be particularly interesting, with which visitors could map out their current situation and then work through their future plans with one of the Bloom team. Rob also really enjoyed presenting on Sunday on his research into 'Finding meaning at work' (Pictures below). We had a full house (which was fantastic for a Sunday morning) and all of our handouts were snapped up eagerly. We're aiming for a larger space next year.

Will we go back again?
OneLife has a buzzing atmosphere, bouncing off its eclectic range of stands and offerings. If your interested in watching some inspirational talks covering career change to becoming a flower arranger, or finding out more about travelling or working abroad, then we recommend visiting next years exhibition. They also have great free samples of cheese and chocolate, which is always a winner.

We're hoping to upgrade our stand and presentation space for next year, and hopefully do it all over again. See you there!

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