Friday, 30 January 2009

Optimism and inspiration for a dull day

I’ve recently really got into a new book, which I have been recommending to all the Bloom team (religiously at the start of meetings…), as well as people who have been close to enough to hear me ranting about it. It called The Optimist: One man’s search for the brighter side of life by Laurence Shorter. Just sitting in the Royal Festival Hall yesterday, I was unable to escape the barrage of the news of redundancies falling around London, from headlines on free papers, to colleagues and friends chatting away of how their offspring are finding it hard to settle into a career or the expense of living in overcoming them. It is a gloomy time and Shorter knows it, but that’s what this book attempts to explore in terms of what and who represents optimism and where it’s to be found. By travelling all over the world, Shorter is attempting to find the faces of optimism and offers ‘notes to pessimists’ in which he attempts to change the mindsets of you out there who think that the world might end after you use that last tea-bag. So, are you an optimist?

I think there are lines to be drawn between inspiration and optimism, or what creates energy for us to follow an idea or look forward to finding out more. A recent Presentation Zen post asks this - what inspires you? Here's my list:

Who: People full of energy and drive to fit as much into their day as they can. Even if it means getting up at 6am every morning for a jog!
What: Listening to loud music on my headphones or drumming, by drinking tea or working with people who love going forward.
Where: The Southbank in London, a green space, or New York!
When: When I'm running or I feel something can be done better.
Why: Because I look forward to pushing forward and learning from others.
How: Keep learning and use your strengths.

The photo above is the view from an office Bloom is working in at the moment. A truly inspiring view over the Southbank!

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Laurence said...

Hi there, I'm glad you like the book, thanks for talking about it. I got sent this posting by Google Alerts, which is a wonderful service. Nice to know there is activity out there! And I am enjoying your website...