Monday, 19 January 2009

Happy international optimism day!

Happy international optimism day!

Did you know, today is statistically the dullest day of the year, and we can see why when we look outside. Grey skies and rain outside (See picture!), and grey skies and tough times for businesses and spenders all around.

We would love to hear about anything that has changed your view of the day, today or any day you might be reading this. A contagious smile from a random person, your favourite tune on the radio, or just looking forward to that cup of tea when your home again!

Want something to read? I've just ordered 'The Optimist: One Man's Search for the Brighter Side of Life' by Laurence Shorter.

Looking for something fun to do? Have a little look at this fun online experiment to change the way you see things:,,90r57fvc,00.html

Here's to Spring!

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