Thursday, 8 January 2009

Back to basics for Bloom Blog

We had a “thought shower” about our blog yesterday. Tom and I sat in the Royal Festival Hall on a cold and sunny day, watched the Thames slip by and sipped tea to keep ourselves warm. We both love the Presentation Zen and Seth Godin blogs, and Tom (who is cool) likes the Howies blog so we tried to think about what makes them good.

Here’s what we wanted our posts to be:
• Shorter – we thought 350 words for each post, max
• Simpler – each post will be about one idea only
• Personal – we only write about things that are really important to us
• Regular – we’ll post at least once a week
• Visually appealing – every post has a picture
• More interesting – every post must have a story, insights, challenge, anecdote, research, a picture a quote or an exercise at its heart

We hope these principles will make the blog more readable and more interesting – and we hope that it improves our writing too. We’ll be introducing stuff to give away both through the blog and the do keep reading, and happy 2009 to you all.

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