Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The pursuit of happiness.

Taken from The School of Life...

" ‘Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so', concluded John Stuart Mill, the nineteenth century British philosopher. He realised that to pursue happiness directly is a mistake. Happiness is a by-product of life."

In response to Robs post on passion - it is absolutely right, and it is something which can be easily overlooked. The means to an end, rather than i suppose an experience to an end. These by-products of happiness, passion and meaning are things which Bloom are striving to help our clients with and to discover the confidence and personal strengths to find these.

I've just finished a book which attempted to describe how trends will change over the next 50 years, one of which being the workplace. It described that as the world markets become more and more globalized, the competition caused by increasing cheap labour and improved educational services around the world will lead to a more central focus on work. This will lead to longer working hours, more emphasis on the persona and strengths of the individual, and ultimately a higher desire to find meaning and happiness through work.


I would like to dedicate this my mate Rick's dad, and Peter Hair of the University of Surrey. Two men who were taken too early.


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