Thursday, 16 October 2008

Welcome Tom - by Rob

Tom, welcome and thanks for a great couple of posts.

I think I have one thing to say about your last post. Yes, degrees are increasingly common. Yes, everyone seems to be doing psychology. Yes, graduates are doing more and more to get ahead. Yes, times are hard.

But there is one commodity that you didn't mention and which most people forget all about.

It's passion.

I think if there is one thing which separates out those who have happy and successful careers from those who don't it's following a passion. And that can be done relatively easily, it's just that so few people tend to listen, or have the right answers posed to them.

Following your passion gives you energy when everyone else is shattered, it gives you persistence when all seems lost and it gives you inspiration when no solution seems possible. It might be tough at first, but if you're determined nothing will stop you.

Identifying and then following your passion is without doubt the single most important factor in any career decision....I only wish I'd done it sooner myself!

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