Thursday, 9 October 2008

From Tom Bloom.

Hi There! My name is Tom, and I’ve just started as an intern at Bloom Psychology. By background is as a Psychology Undergraduate at Surrey, and this whole experience is part of my professional placement year during my degree. There is a huge variety of work experience in Psychology, and I chose to follow the Occupational Psychology path; which I thought was a relatively narrow and hard-edged field until I found Bloom.

I think gaining experience should involve taking risks as well as following a path you feel you can follow, and working for 8 months at Bloom will be a risk as it is a new and flourishing company; and a lot of hard work will be needed. HOWEVER, after going through a lot of thinking and some job applications (Some of which had nothing to do with Occupational Psychology at all!) I came to the conclusion that these 8 months will be purely what its name suggests … I am here to experience and take from it whatever and as much as I can. This will be through reading and developing the company’s research and intervention base as well as promoting the ethos of the company through networking; and crucially meeting people and learning along the way!

The fact that I have to be an independent and pushing member of the company I think will really allow me to make and take as much experience as I can, especially along with the energy and experience of Blooms founders and directors, Amelia and Rob.

I'm really looking forward to getting started, and i'll try and keep this blog updated with things that interest me and reflect the work Bloom is working towards!

Speak again soon!

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Bloom Blog: said...

Great first post Tom, and welcome.

You're going to be a tremendous asset.