Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Some thank yous

For my research into meaning at work:

The respondees
To the 511 people who completed the survey.

The researchers
Amy Wrzesniewski, Laura King, Carol Ryff, Mike Steger, Kendall Cotton Bronk, Seana Moran, Douglas May, Bob Emmons, Kara Arnold, Rachel Lewis, ALL of whom provided inspiration and encouragement by e-mail and through their research.

Frank Bond, whose theories surrounding psychological flexibility will form a good part of the next chapter of my life.

Relationship builders and supporters
Mariko O'Neill, my ex, Whytey my best mate, Julee de Jong, Steve and Hope Jackson, Tim Boughton and Dan Harrison, sort of.

To Reena Govindji at the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology - she appears in two lists.

Psychologists and friends Kirsty Buchanan, Amanda Hone, Satara Lester and Amelia Wise.

Bal Hegedus Pickvance and others at Serco.

Dedicated to:
Mike, Mum, Granny and Pa. My greatest supporters of all.

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