Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Be the change you want to see...

Seth talks about recruiting online for a paid internship.

As the owner of a small business, the first type of person we hire is someone who could pay for themselves, leave a profit for us, and then have capacity to grow from there. The second type of person would be someone who was already doing the work, demonstrating in what they do, that they can excel in the field. It's about being the change. It would be unlikely that we'd ever hire someone just on the basis of promise or enthusiasm alone. It's the action and knowledge that differentiates.

At PA Consulting, promotion criteria were laid out in some detail in complicated booklets, but it was actually clearer than that. If you watched someone at work you could generally guess what grade they were from their actions. If you were ever surprised by how junior they were, they were generally promoted within the year. The promotion (and hiring) critieria for any firm is simple: you have to be the person whose role you're after.

Working backwards from your dream role is the way to get it. What would you have to do in order to be the person who fulfils the job?

There is always a way.

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