Friday, 22 August 2008

Humanising the organisation

I'm working with a UK based public sector organisation trying to identify and then embed some organisational values as part of 'the way they do things round here'.

It's interesting and challenging work. In terms of why it's important work, I think the post by Headshift goes much of the way to explaining. Values are part of humanising the organisation. They reach far beyond processes and procedures. They are uniquely human.

In particular, I like this paragraph:

'Doing an Enron' is much easier within a culture of secrecy and dishonesty, and much harder in a company where people are encouraged to think and act according to shared values rather than simply obeying orders.

Quite. That's where values sit. That's what they do. But they have to resonate with staff, they can't be imposed. do you create a values-based organisation?

Oh hang on, that's what they've asked!

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