Sunday, 20 April 2008

Right brain left brain (2)

An amazing talk by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor sheds more light on the right brain / left brain distinction. The right hemisphere, the parallel processor, and the left, the serial processor, process information differently and even have different personalities.

Information streams in and shows what this present moments looks, feels and sounds like. I am an 'energy being' connected to everything else through my right hemishphere. Meanwhile, my left hemisphere is thinking linearly about the past and future. It picks out details, categorises them and projects into the future. It thinks in language and distinguishes 'me' from everything else.

It seems to me there is huge overlap here with Bloom's research into meaning. Meaning is about comprehension (how we understand ourselves and the world) and purpose (how we interact with the world). Could the experience of meaning literally be the connection of brain waves between the left hemisphere (comprehension) and the right hemisphere (purpose)?

Either way, this is an amazing presentation on any level for anyone interested in the brain (or indeed presentations).

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