Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Apprentice....and legacy

Watched The Apprentice tonight - utterly addictive as usual. This episode was remarkable for the fact that a truly impressive man got fired, Simon Smith. Yes, he was brash at the beginning and yes he lost control. But this was a man who can be proud of his legacy on the programme. Here was a man who knew his strengths and limitations and played to them. He was honest. He tried to win. And virtually no one else can say the same.

Seriously, don't people care about their own integrity?

Nearly everyone else who spoke on the show lied openly. Nearly everyone who spoke played politics and spent most of the time maneouvering for position in the hope that if their team lost, they could shift the blame.

Do people care only about winning at all costs?

Tom Peters talks about the idea of legacy. Not for a life, a career or even 15 minutes of fame on a reality TV show. He talks about the legacy of today.

So what will today's legacy be for you?

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tom_0716 said...

Hi Rob, it's Tom here!

Just thought i'd get in touch to say hi, and wish you good luck in your exams! Glad to see you an Apprentice fan too, I'm quite addicted! I'm Really looking forward to getting stuck in at Bloom in October, and meeting up on the 23rd to start things off!

Best of luck again, and speak soon!