Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Some resolutions for Bloom....

The end of the year feels like such a good time to take stock of things. Caitlin Moran is predictably funny about how this can get out of hand:

if the custom of new year’s resolutions is to continue, we must address a few of their inbuilt and thunderous impracticalities. Many, of course, we already know: their timing, for instance, is inapt. Who can, in all seriousness, attempt to lose weight in January, when there is still more than a kilo of delicious M&S milk chocolate truffles sitting in the kitchen, next to the fruit bowl, looking like a major and respectable food group of their own? What are you supposed to do – throw them away? Ha-ha-ha. Yeah, right. What a surreal notion. One might as well paint a big melting clock.

Then there’s the fact that you’re supposed to start all these resolutions simultaneously, and run them concurrently – as if you’re having some manner of gigantic, effortful Life Transplant. Only it’s a Life Transplant without round-the-clock medical support, an insurance payout or morphine. Just willpower, and the endlessness of January, and the rain. Yeah, right.
Well this is all true, but it is the execution of new year's resolution that is wrong here. They should firstly be achievable and fit with your overall plans. They should also be SMART. And you should want to do them either because they will improve your life, or you really believe in them. In other words, they should be meaningful.

So my Bloom blog-relevant resolutions are:

1. Write 250 posts in the year and have 25 different commenters during this time.

2. Start offering new Bloom services for free (maybe to some readers?)

3. Finish the Bloom website

4. Use positive psychology theory to spend my time (I'll be blogging about this concept)

And my personal list for 2008 follows....

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