Thursday, 10 January 2008

100,000 hours...the psychology of time management

The last thing I expected to be blogging about was time management. But I think one of the logical extensions of positive psychology is effective time management. This is a new, but not original idea. Illona Bonniwell at UEL for one, writes and researches in this area.

I'll start this series of blogs with some statistics - about me!

I imagine, if I am really lucky I'll live for another 40 years or so. I might be lucky and it might be 50, but I might be unlucky and it's 20, so let's say 40.

That's 340,000 hours.

Of these, I'll be trying to sleep 8 hours a day. 278,000.

I'll also spend 10 years in retirement. And I'll be taking my weekends, thanks. That takes me down to 186,000 hours.

But I want to know about the hours I have autonomy over. Let's say I'll probably always have daily chores to do - 1 hour a day sounds fair - and I'll probably always have travel to do. Let's say 2 45 minute journeys per work day, on average.

I am now down to....guess what?

100,000 hours.

That's it. Then my life will be done. Oh, and during this time, I have to squeeze things in like 1) earning money, 2) having a family, 3) socialising and 4) hobbies.

Suddenly I don't seem to have very much time left at all.

So the logical question is, how should I be spending it?

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