Saturday, 29 December 2007


has the top bit of Bloom blog gone all funny? And why can't I fix this myself?

It's because I have extremely poor self efficacy in this area. In other words, I expect myself to fail, so I do.

I mention this and I was reminded in the brilliant book Meaning Inc of Rosenthal & Lenore's experiment about children’s expectations. Simply by telling children and teachers that they were being watched as 'high performers' they raised performance by 0.6 of a standard deviation - enough to catapult an average performer to the top echelons.

Meaning Inc goes on to ask whether organisations' high performance programmes are worth the effort. They may get 25% more from the top 5%, but at what cost to the 95?


timboughton said...


We have complimentary skill sets...

If you want the text to appear only over the picture change the line which reads:

<div class='descriptionwrapper'>


<div class='descriptionwrapper' style="width:385px;">

If you want the text to appear on the right over the green area only
then change the same line to:

<div class='descriptionwrapper' style="float:right; width:250px;">

Good luck!

Bloom Blog: said...

The power of the network!

thanks T!

(and happy new year).

Bloom Blog: said...

Sadly, I couldn't find the line you referred to, which really depressed me as I must have been looking in the wrong place.

In the end I made a silly work around by inserting breaks in my text at the top.

Grrrr. I am such an illiterate.