Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Positive Psychology Conference

Last month I attended the Positive Psychology Conference at UEL, Docklands. it was an interesting day, with the following speakers:

Prof Martin Seligman, Authentic happiness: the pursuit of fulfilment at work
Dr Susan David, Yale University, Evidence-based emotional intelligence
Dr Alex Linley, Centre for Applied Positive Psychology, Leveraging business performance through strengths
Dr Gurnek Bains, YSC Consultants, The power of meaning in organisations
Dr Ilona Boniwell, University of East London, Positive psychology in business - from potential to action

More of the day follows. There are two observations I always have to make about positive psychology:

Its central premise, that happiness is so much more than an absence of unhappiness and that it therefore deserves scientific research, is beyond doubt.

But it then struggles to explain how to apply this practically, in either organisational, scholastic, political or even everyday settings.

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