Sunday, 28 October 2007

Multiple Careers

Back to examining the key elements of career decision. The last exercise was about judging jobs by the criteria one has already identified.

I recommend constructing your own, as described here, but you can do it with special psychometric tests too. I remember I did one and my ideal job came up as..... Dental Hygienist. Not that that's a bad was just, well, I hadn't really considered it before.

Second was Counselling Psychologist, so not all wrong.

When I constructed my own spreadsheet 'Writer' consistently came up with the highest scores. Counselling Psychologist came second. Personal trainer was third and journalist and then academic researcher 4th and 5th. Using my number 1 choice as a benchmark, I put my current job (management consultant) through the test and it came out as 75% of the benchmark.

Of course, the problem is that giving it all up to be just a writer is somewhat difficult with perhaps not a great gain to be made (25%). And what about my wish to do all the other things on my list, which also all finished ahead of consulting?

This is where the idea of multiple careers comes in. We are on the home stretch.

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