Friday, 28 September 2007

There is an option

When I was growing up, unemployment was a real and genuine terror. Boys from the Blackstuff was horribly real and I remember how grinding the sense of poverty was. It takes a while to un-learn that jobs are not something to be grateful for, no matter what they involve.

But un-learn it you must.

Because life has become - for most people who'll ever read this - less about survival and more about choice than ever before. Most people now have a choice, but convincing yourself that you can do work that you love takes some doing.

Maslow once linked happiness to following our 'true natures'.

Are you letting your true nature guide your life? Because if not, there is a choice.

And at this point, I'd wholeheartedly recommend How to find the work you love, by Laurence Boldt. It may help convince you.

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