Saturday, 10 February 2007

Step 3(b): Running

I haven't always loved running. I used to hate it, but I forced myself to go. Now I love it, mainly because I lost weight by eating and stretching better. I also finally admitted to myself that it doesn't just keep my body in trim, but my mind too. Running is as necessary now as my first cup of tea of the day. (Essential).

Running is a time when I can think, de-stress, fight the blues, get fit, get more energy, feel closer to nature, solve problems, become creative and induce post-run euphoria. If that came in a pill we'd all be on them.

I think for all of our clients at Bloom, we will recommend some form of exercise as essential parts of a new life. And the advice will be to incorporate it into every day, rather than have that 'must go 3 times a week, oh I'll go tomorrow' thing. Every day. Even if it's to the end of the road and back. Don't give your mind space to argue.

If you're slipping into limbo, or if you don't know where to move to or in what direction, run somewhere. Anywhere will be fine. Walking's fine too.

And then just keep going.

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