Friday, 2 February 2007

A leap!

Well, I finally did it. I resigned from my job as a management consultant and am currently working my notice. What a huge relief that is...

It still feels uncertain, but I have convinced myself that this is what I have to do, to take a risk. There really is no going back.

It's been interesting this process. As I said in my last post, for me decision making is about moving inches over a long, agonising period of time. This has taken me 5 years and has involved a complete change in the sort of person I am. What I eat, drink, think, who I speak to, what I read.

I have spoken far more to people who encourage the change in the past year, and far less to the people who don't understand it (i.e. my old friends). It's like searching out propaganda.

I wonder if this is a necessary part of making a change? And can my old friendships be sustained?

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Tim said...

Well done Rob. Shout if you need any help - I can't wait to see how things bloom.