Thursday, 25 January 2007

A surprise

So having moaned about the lack of interaction at my office, I was sitting at my desk the very next day getting stressed about something appropriately worthless and IT-related.

A woman who I didn't know came to sit next to me and after a while of me sighing theratrically, she said 'would you like some chocolate drops?'

Her voice pierced the silence and tension of the open plan office and startled me. However, we then struck up a conversation (which felt awkward at first) in which it turned out she knew someone who could help me with my current project.

Buoyed, I then had to break away and join a long teleconference. The teleconference was long and boring and quite frustrating. By the time I had finished (it was over an hour long) the woman - Hilary - had left for the day.

But when I looked down I saw an amazing thing - a silent gesture of solidarity.

A handful of chocolate drops left on my desk.

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