Saturday, 5 August 2006

Performing with presence

I went on this course in the week, 'Performing with Presence' at Maynard Leigh.

I went not as the management consultant which I still am, but as the co-founder of Bloom Psychology, which technically does not yet exist but there we go.

It was an interesting experience, like trying on garish new clothes and seeing if anyone notices me, or laughs at the imposter.

But no one did notice, and no one laughed. (Except when I wanted them to of course).

But instead everyone was warm and supportive and incredibly positive about Bloom. We did an exercise where people provided their impressions and amongst mine were (repeatedly) 'successful'.

It seems when you have something you're passionate about, you sort of radiate success.

It's nice to have that feeling back, as it's been a while.

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