Sunday, 21 January 2007

Drifting away

I work in a place where you arrive at work and sit down, plug your laptop in and rarely say hello to your neighbour.

It suddenly struck me that this is one of the most depressing features of my job.

When you sneeze no one says bless you. You eat at your desk for lunch. Make tea for one.

The other thing I have noticed after a gap of a few months is that I work in a place where people brag about how many hours they work. This week I have listened to 5 different people talking about working through the weekend - til 10pm on Saturday and into Sunday on some pointless bid.

I know what you have to do to progress in consultancy. I understand the culture. It says 'I am a machine, dedicated to my work and I cannot be distracted'. And I know what the correct response is in this situation - you nod appreciatively and tell a war story of your own.

But I've stopped doing that now and I just smile politely and say nothing.

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