Saturday, 15 July 2006

A beginning...

Sitting at my desk on a wet Sunday in London in July I am thinking about how to start a new blog.
I know what I want to do in this blog, the sort of things I want to talk about. They are the things that interest me, that have helped me, that constitute my new direction in life. These things are psychology, the science of well-being, career change, counselling, running and other related thoughts and issues which affect our ability to be happy.
I know the style in which I want to blog, too. I want to be full and frank, open and inquisitive. I want to pose and debate questions which affect a lot of us. I want to be light-hearted at the same time because otherwise I may come across as a strange evangelical.
And evangelical I am not. (Strange possibly).
So how to start this blog? The first thing that I have found to be useful when faced with problems from being unable to make a decision: do something. Anything. Take action. Any action.
See, I’ve started it. Now we’re underway.
Who knows where this will lead, but I hope it will be interesting and worth reading.

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