Friday, 6 October 2006

Presence brings luck

It's funny, but since finding a new direction in life, I've been luckier.

At work, people are approaching me with new projects which, if I weren't already leaving, I'd be really quite excited about. As it is, I'm just excited to be asked. I'm actually almost happy at work at the moment.

What is it that attracts this sort of thing? It's like when a cat heads to sit on the knee of the person who is making the least effort for it to do so.

Do I look different as well as feel different? Or is it that my new, nonchalant attitude somehow attracts people, like a film star at a bar? Yes, maybe I've suddenly become the paragon of cool at work.

My best mate swears that he is making his stellar career in investment banking (he works at Goldman Sachs) mainly by saying 'I've only been in the job for (insert time) - I can't be expected to know that sort of thing' all the time.

I watched a film last night, Office Space. The less the guy cared about the career which he hated, the more successful he got.

There's a lesson here somewhere, but what?